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He lived with gnomes in a cave: a pilot was accidentally found in the mountains of Mongolia 14 years after disappearing. This mysterious story happened to Soviet pilot Vasily Yegorov…

In 1945, Soviet fighter pilot Vasily Yegorov experienced a fantastic story. His plane was shot down over the mountains of Mongolia. Miraculously, the man managed to land the damaged aircraft, but during the fall, he hit his head and lost consciousness.

When the pilot regained consciousness, he couldn’t move his body. Not due to injury, but because his hands and feet were tied with a semi-transparent material, and little creatures resembling monkeys in clothes were running around him.

Later, he learned that this tribe was called Hanyangi, and the tallest beings in it were 45 cm tall. Thirsty and exhausted, the pilot was given an unknown bitter drink that plunged him into a deep sleep. When he woke up, he felt much better, but his head hurt. On the sore spot, Vasily noticed a sticker made of adhesive material, but he didn’t touch it.

The Hanyangi lived in underground caves, where they grew unknown mushrooms that they ate and fed Vasily. The mushrooms looked the same, but they had different tastes. Some resembled meat, others bread, cheese, and some were completely unknown products.

Almost all the time, the man spent in the gnome’s cave—digging trenches and wells for them. Once, when Vasily came to the surface, a storm began. Lightning struck next to him, and he lost consciousness. After a few days, Mongolian herders found him and took him to Russian geologists, who then brought Vasily back to his homeland. It turns out they considered him dead, and only after a series of examinations, they were convinced that it was indeed Vasily Yegorov before them. Immediately, they could not recognize him because 14 years had passed since the Soviet war!

“In Vedic history, it is described that people, during degradation, become smaller in stature and live underground. In a way, they become gnomes. If we take Celtic cultural studies, it describes the existence of gnomes as beings living underground,” said religious studies expert Denis Shevalov. “The entry of such beings into our world, according to descriptions, occurs through crevices. And not every person can transition to that dimension. This is also mentioned in fairy tales. For example, Ivan the Fool jumped into a well and entered the third kingdom. This is also a transition to another dimension.”

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