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Upon seeing the shadowy figure, the teacher and students panicked and rushed out of the classroom

In Mberi Primary School, Zengeza community, Zimbabwe, a mysterious incident occurred recently. During a lesson, a ghostly shadow figure was spotted at one of the desks.

According to the local news site “H-Metro,” this happened during a 4th-grade class. Suddenly, a shadowy silhouette resembling a woman appeared at one of the desks. Both the students and the teacher immediately noticed this apparition and were terrified, fleeing the room in panic.

They were so frightened that a stampede occurred at the door, nearly crushing one of the girls. Fortunately, she didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

The fleeing students quickly spread the word about what they had seen to everyone they encountered, so soon the entire district knew about it. The school was surrounded by a crowd of people, including parents of the students. Some of them were worried and aggressive, and the police even arrested one person.

“Our children were frightened by something at school. They saw a silhouette resembling a woman’s shadow at the desk, which prompted the students and the teacher to run out of the classroom. But when other students and teachers entered the class, there was nothing there,” one parent said.

He also added that they suspect one of the school staff members is involved in Satanism, which is why the ghost or demon appeared in the classroom.

Education officials stated that they are investigating the incident. One official named Kureva visited the school and inspected it just before journalists arrived. When reporters tried to ask him questions about the incident, his response was brief.

“I cannot comment on this at the moment. You’d better consult with the Ministry later, after we prepare the report.”

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