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The self-swaying ritual wreath startled onlookers

In the Dominican Republic, during a funeral ceremony, a ritual wreath installed on a white stand began to sway on its own.

According to frightened witnesses, the wreath swayed with such force and unnaturally, as if it were being rocked by an invisible force. Several people managed to capture the phenomenon on their phones.

Some speculated that the wreath was being swayed by the spirit of the deceased woman for whom the funeral was organized. However, it was not indicated how this was interpreted, whether as the anger of the deceased or something else.

Skeptics suggested that it could be the wind’s doing or that the stand for the wreath was “slightly jammed.” However, there was definitely no wind there.

One person attempted to stop the swaying wreath, which he succeeded in doing, but when he removed his hand, the wreath began swaying again. So, it’s likely that the stand was not a factor either.


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