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The ghostly hand touched the child in the crib

A baby monitor installed near the crib captured something dark and elongated, resembling a human hand, appearing at the edge of the crib, reaching towards the child, and then disappearing.

According to reports by the media, this eerie scene was captured last week at the home of British man William Graves in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Graves stated that it was the first night he had set up the baby monitor in the baby’s room because on that night his 9-month-old son Xander was supposed to spend his first night alone in the nursery.

During the night, the father did not notice anything unusual, but in the morning, he checked the recording to see how his baby slept. To his amazement, he saw something frightening in the footage:

“I saw a hand reaching toward the crib. And it looked as if the hand wanted to pick up the pacifier,” Graves said.

Graves and his wife cannot understand who or what it was. Both swear they did not enter the room at night and only entered at 6:50 in the morning. The “hand” appears on the recording a little earlier.

When Graves took a closer look at the video, he noticed that the hand did not have the Pandora bracelet his wife always wears.

According to Graves’ assumption, it could have been the ghost of his mother, who died of cancer in May of last year, almost at the same time Xander was born. Perhaps she didn’t get to see her grandson in life and therefore started watching over him afterward.

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