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The display of the Tesla car showed ghosts in the cemetery

A frightening video became viral on social media, showing a Tesla car driving into a cemetery at night, with its display showing emerging and disappearing figures of people nearby.

Normally, a Tesla display shows the nearest objects to the car, including pedestrians walking on the sidewalk next to the road. But in this case, when the car stops at the cemetery, only gravestones are visible outside the window, with no people around.

Off-camera, passengers in the car can be heard nervously laughing and saying, “What the hell is this?” as figures of moving people appear and disappear on the display.

At some point, there are particularly many “ghosts,” almost like a crowd, but they vanish as suddenly as they appeared.

By the way, the video’s author, one of the passengers in the car, claims to work as an engineer at Tesla and insists that everything happening on the display is not a prank intentionally created by programmers.

“I can confirm that this is not an Easter egg added by Elon (Musk), because I’ve done this many times,” he says.

He also suggests that it can’t be a random glitch due to the names on the gravestones, because otherwise these little figures on the display wouldn’t move.

Tesla cars are equipped with numerous sensors, including cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors, which help them detect and identify objects around the vehicle. So perhaps it could also detect something like an electromagnetic anomaly and thus register ghosts?


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