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A shadowy ghostly figure ran across the stadium in Bolivia (video)

Last Friday in Bolivia, at the Hernando Siles Stadium in the city of La Paz, a football match took place.

The local team, The Strongest, better known among their fans as “Tigre,” was leading 1-0 against their opponent, San Antonio Bullo-Bullo, when a camera filming the stands captured an anomalous phenomenon.

It appeared as a black, semi-transparent silhouette, which swiftly raced horizontally across a row, and all the people in that area seemed to behave as if they completely didn’t notice it.

Almost immediately after the ghostly run, the home team scored a second goal, eventually winning 2-0.

What’s most curious is that this isn’t the first time a purported ghost has run across the stadium during a Tigre match. Ten years ago, in 2014, an operator captured something similar.

Since then, the appearance of the ghost during Tigre’s matches is considered a very bad omen by their fans because after the ghostly run in 2014, their team remained second in the Bolivian football league for many years and could not become the champion.

“Has the Tigre curse returned?” doomed fans ask, watching the new video.

However, skeptics believe that this (both in the first case and the second) was not a ghost, nor even a human shadow, but the shadow of a large bird flying low. And although no large birds were noticed above the stadium, it doesn’t seem strange since people were focused on the game, not looking at the sky.

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