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A hunting camera captured a creepy figure in the forest

The figure of a strange humanoid creature was caught on a hunting camera installed in an unnamed forest location.

The photo’s author posted it on social media, explaining that he discovered the image in the memory of a hunting camera set up in the forest, where outsiders were not allowed (presumably referring to private property).

“The camera was set up to photograph various wild animals like deer. It takes a picture when it detects movement. There shouldn’t have been any people in the forest at that time, especially ones who entered without our knowledge,” he writes.

The figure resembles a human, except its eyes glow like those of animals in the night. Humans don’t have such elements in their eyes to make them shine in the dark.

And if this is indeed a human, then he is naked and extremely emaciated, which would still be strange for a wild forest. Moreover, if it were some vagrant, the author of the photo would surely know if there were homeless people on his territory and would have noticed traces of their presence.

The photo is, of course, very blurry and could well be the result of someone’s deliberate prank on the camera owner or his own mystification. However, hunting cameras regularly capture extremely strange things in the forests.


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