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A giant figure emerged from the fire in Chile

Since the beginning of February, wildfires have been raging in Chile, and a few days ago, during a news report about the fires, Chilean viewers suddenly saw a huge humanoid figure appearing as if emerging directly from the flames.

Someone captured this fragment and posted it online, causing the video to go viral, garnering over a million views on TikTok alone and gathering numerous comments.

Some write that it was just an illusion, like pareidolia, and that the movements of the figure were actually just smoke in the wind. Others believe it was some kind of fire demon and that such creatures caused the devastating fires.

The figure in the video is vaguely visible, but its outlines are indeed humanoid. Could someone have passed by in the background of the fire? But in that case, they would have been as tall as a pine tree, because at the beginning of the video, you can see the scale of the area where all this was filmed.

There is also a version that it could have been the silhouette or shadow of a firefighter, simply creating the illusion of being gigantic due to the intense heat.

The video was filmed in the vicinity of the city of Valparaíso, where the fires have already killed over a hundred people.

Chileans in the comments most often referred to this creature simply as “principado o un gigante,” meaning “a giant form.” Moreover, many believe that this creature is not actually evil and in the video, it appears as if it’s helping to extinguish the fire.

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