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A ghostly figure of the grandfather was caught on a surveillance camera a month after his death

A certain John Kipke from Michigan, USA, posted on social media a photo with an alleged ghost captured by a surveillance camera in his house.

The photo was taken back in 2022, but Kipke only recently decided to make it public.

According to Kipke, the photo shows a room in his house where a surveillance camera is installed. His little son is sleeping on the floor, and to the left of him, there is a strange “cloud-like” shape resembling a man with short dark hair.

The ghostly silhouette, visible from behind and slightly to the side, seems to be looking at the child lying on the floor.

“I’m not sure what this is, but it was captured by one of my home cameras. Unfortunately, it doesn’t record video, it only takes photos when motion or sound is detected in the room. As far as I know, nothing strange has happened in this house before. However, it’s worth noting that this is a farmhouse that is over a hundred years old.”

The photo quickly attracted many users, sparking lively discussion, in which Kipke later joined. He wrote that there are five cameras installed in his house, but only this one camera reacted to something strange.

Kipke also wrote that just a month before this photo was taken, his father, i.e., the grandfather of the sleeping boy, passed away.

Many commentators agreed that the misty figure resembles the silhouette of a man looking at the child. However, some believed it was just a smudge on the lens or steam.

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