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A Ghost Woman with a Scary Face Captured on Truck Surveillance Camera

On the night of March 31, 2024, the driver of a loaded truck was driving on the highway to Saltillo-Nuevo León, Mexico, unaware that a ghost was sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

During the trip, he received a call from the transportation company asking who he was giving a ride to. The man thought it was a joke and ignored the question.

However, when he arrived at the base, they showed him a photo taken by the surveillance camera installed in the truck cab.

The photo shows a female figure with a very unnatural and rather scary face sitting in the passenger seat next to the driver. The dress the woman was wearing looked old-fashioned, as if from the late 19th century.

Company employees asked the driver why he was giving this woman a ride. The company’s rules strictly prohibited giving rides to hitchhikers and outsiders.

The driver was very surprised and began to swear that there was no woman in the cab and he had not picked up anyone along the way. Thus, it turned out that a ghost was riding next to him.

How long the ghost spent in the cab is not specified; only this single photo from the camera and a video of the driver’s chat from the Monterrey express delivery service workers’ WhatsApp group spread on social media.

The video and photo went viral on local social networks, and some believe it was just a well-planned prank, with the woman either being an actress in makeup or simply a painted doll.

Others believed in the ghostly hitchhiker and even recalled the urban legend from the 1980s about the “Dead Santillo.” This ghost woman supposedly appeared at night on the side of the road, asking drivers to take her to a nearby ranch.

Drivers would pick her up, but when they arrived at the specified place, the woman would disappear from the cab, and the ranch owner would say that the described woman was his daughter, who had been fatally hit on that highway many years ago.

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