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Unidentified creatures surrounded the kayak of a kayaker paddling along the Amazon

A video of a Spanish-speaking kayaker recently went viral on social media in South American countries. The man was paddling his kayak along the Amazon River when he was suddenly surrounded by unidentified large aquatic creatures.

These creatures definitely had fins and a large grey-brown body. One of them swam very close to the kayak, and the man displayed remarkable composure, only murmuring something quietly.

Then the group of these creatures began to frolic in the water so vigorously that it seemed like the water was boiling. However, nothing could be seen clearly that would help identify these animals.

The most logical assumption was that they were Amazon river dolphins – pink dolphins.

However, firstly, pink dolphins have a pale pink body, while the fin glimpsed at the beginning of the video was very dark.

And secondly, pink dolphins like to protrude their narrow-snouted heads from the water, but none of the creatures in the video ever surfaced during their antics, and nothing resembling a dolphin head was seen anywhere.

The body that swam alongside the kayaker’s boat also didn’t resemble the narrow body of a pink dolphin; it looked more like something cetacean or a huge catfish. But where have you seen a group of such large catfish stirring up the water like that?

As for whales, humpback whales migrate to the Amazon waters every year during December, but by February, there are no whales in the Amazon. Moreover, they only swim to those areas of the Amazon that are close to where the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean, where there is saltwater. The rest of the Amazon is freshwater, and whales cannot live in such water.

Unfortunately, it’s not mentioned where exactly along the Amazon this kayaker was paddling, and when this video was shot is also unknown. In the comments under the video, some suggest that these could have been Amazonian manatees in their mating season.


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