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“Why did Google remove all news related to the UFO flying past Joe Biden’s plane?”

On December 10, 2023, the aircraft carrying the President of the United States, Joe Biden, landed in Los Angeles, and a silver UFO flew past it at a close distance during landing at the airport.

This strange UFO, which alternated between rapid movement across the sky and hovering in one place, was captured on camera at least three times by the Solorzano brothers, operators who were filming airplanes landing at the airport and broadcasting live on their YouTube channel, L.A FLIGHTS.

More details about this incident can be found in our article here.

Oddities surrounding this incident began immediately. Strangely, the media only began reporting on it at the end of December, almost two weeks later, despite the Solorzanos’ live broadcast being available from the beginning.

Now, ufologist Chris Lehto claims that Google’s search engine is intentionally “scrubbing” mentions of this incident from the internet. According to Lehto, the video was initially published by several U.S. news agencies, but almost all of these recordings were later removed from Google.

Indeed, if you enter English queries into Google about this incident, such as “UFO near Joe Biden’s aircraft,” “UFO Joe Biden plane,” and so on, the results will be surprisingly scarce. There are a few links to TikTok, one link to USA Today, and a couple of links to tabloids like the Daily Mail and New York Post.

The rest of the search results will relate to UFO incidents completely unrelated to Biden and occurring years earlier. There are no articles about this case from ufological websites or blogs.

“I think the reason it was scrubbed from the internet is that they (authorities) don’t want questions about why the F-35s didn’t identify the object,” Lehto believes.

Two F-35 fighters accompanied Joe Biden’s aircraft to Los Angeles, and one of them was flying very close to the presidential aircraft when the UFO flew by. It didn’t react at all.

By the way, even now, three weeks later, it is still unknown what the UFO was. Was it truly an extraterrestrial craft monitoring the U.S. president, or was it someone’s runaway balloon?

And, importantly, in the airspace of Los Angeles International Airport (as in all other normal airports), there is a strict rule against any unauthorized flying objects. If a drone or unauthorized aircraft had been spotted on radar, it would have been a serious situation and would have warranted temporarily halting all takeoffs and landings. Especially when your president’s plane is there.

However, there were no such restrictions or even warnings at Los Angeles Airport that day. It felt like everyone pretended it wasn’t a UFO but just a bird.

The fact that the object wasn’t just a child’s balloon is evident because it was very large. You wouldn’t notice a regular child’s balloon at that altitude. This object was several meters in diameter.

The Solorzano brothers agree that it wasn’t a drone or a balloon and say they’ve been filming airplanes here for 15 years, but they’ve never seen such a “peculiar sight” before. And they awkwardly joke about the Men in Black:

“If we see a flying saucer or something like that and there are little green men walking around, we’re not going to broadcast that live. We’ll cut the live feed. We’re not trying to get in trouble or anything like that. We hope all the men in black SUVs just heard that, we’re not going to record it, we’re going to close our eyes and not do anything.”


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