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Unknown Hidden Underground Chambers Discovered Near the Great Pyramid of Giza

An underground “anomaly,” as archaeologists have called it, has been discovered on the Giza plateau in Egypt, where the three large pyramids and the ruins of ancient structures stand.

Researchers used ground-penetrating radar and electrical resistivity tomography to scan the area of the Western Cemetery, which is near the Great Pyramid – the Pyramid of Khufu.

They identified what appear to be two underground chambers. One is shallow, while the other is much deeper. The soil in this area is much less dense, indicating that a significant amount of earth was excavated here.

According to archaeologists, these “chambers” were definitely created by humans rather than by natural processes, due to their smooth shape, and were later intentionally filled with earth to conceal their location.

“The Western Cemetery of Giza is known as an important burial site for members of the royal family and high-ranking state officials. The area of the anomaly can be roughly established, but its structure and location remain unclear.”

The shallow chamber is 10 meters wide and 15 meters long, with a height of 2 meters. It is assumed that it was built to support a larger and deeper chamber, whose height is about 5 meters at its lowest point and 10 meters at its highest.

“Based on the survey results, we cannot determine the material that constitutes the anomaly, but it could be a large underground archaeological structure,” say the archaeologists.

They hope that excavations will later be carried out in this area to uncover what lies within these hidden underground chambers.

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