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The mysterious Urraca Mountain, atop which lies a portal between worlds

In the north of the American state of New Mexico lies the small table mountain of Urraca Mesa, associated with numerous strange stories, legends, and tales.

Various Native American tribes—Navajo, Apache, Pueblo (also known as Anasazi)—have inhabited the area around this mountain for thousands of years, and in the folklore of each, the mountain is mentioned as a place where strange and frightening things constantly occur.

Many stories tell of the sudden mysterious disappearance of the Pueblo people several hundred years ago. Even historians still do not know what happened to them. Either they were wiped out by other tribes, or they hastily fled in fear of something, or… there are many hypotheses.

Shamans tell of a fierce battle that took place on the summit of Urraca between humans and malevolent entities from the Underground world during those times. Many people perished in that battle, including all the Anasazi, before humans finally prevailed and drove the spirits back underground, sealing the entrance.

Supposedly, since then, somewhere on the summit of Urraca, there is a hidden portal to another world. And finding it is almost impossible because it is invisible to the ordinary person. But from time to time, something leaks out from there.

In 2003, a story became popular online about a tourist who ventured alone to the summit of Urraca, set up a tent there, and fell asleep. During the night, he was awakened by a heavy rainstorm, and when he looked outside to see the storm, he witnessed a completely different and much more terrifying sight.

He saw a vertical blue line appear about a meter above the ground, which then “fell like a curtain,” and riders on horseback emerged from this “portal,” resembling classic Native Americans from old Westerns.

The tourist was terrified and panicked, running blindly and leaving all his belongings behind. He then crashed into a barbed wire cattle fence, injuring himself severely and nearly bleeding to death, according to his account. What happened to those riders afterward, he didn’t know.

Occasionally, reports from other curious tourists who dare to climb to the summit of Urraca appear online. They reported seeing an old Native American shaman there, sometimes emitting a blue light, or floating blue orbs in the air.

In Michael Connelly’s book “Riders in the Sky: Ghosts and Legends of the Philmont Scout Ranch,” it is mentioned that ghostly herds of horses have been seen repeatedly in the vicinity of Urraca Mountain, and in the 1940s, a boy scout disappeared without a trace from the mountain.

Since then, tourists have sometimes reported seeing the ghostly silhouette of a boy in a scout uniform, who cries loudly in the evenings and tries to approach their campfire. And when people try to help him, the boy moans, “I can’t,” and disappears.

There have also been reports of sightings on the summit of Urraca of “demonic beings,” including a humanoid figure as black as pitch, the size of a 7-year-old child, who relentlessly watches tourists, hiding behind trees.

Others claimed to have encountered strange people “in outdated clothing,” as well as animals whose appearance seemed not quite ordinary.

There is even an opinion that the portal on Urraca Mountain, with its strong energetic field, affects the genotype of local animals and plants, altering them grotesquely and maiming them.

Serious scientists have attempted to study the anomalies of Urraca. In 1968, the geologist F. Leo Misaki visited the area and found a large amount of iron and magnetite, which may explain why lightning is often seen during storms, as well as the nature of the mysterious blue glow in the air. However, Misaki eventually concluded that “there is no simple explanation for these geochemical anomalies.”

On the part of the mountain that has the shape of a tall and almost perfectly vertical cliff, there are many geoglyphs left by local Native Americans many centuries ago. Unfortunately, photos of these drawings cannot be found online, but it is claimed that some of them depict strange “non-human” creatures.

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