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“Stop Complaining about Chemtrails!” Spanish Prosecutors Unhappy with Increase in Conspiracy Theorists in the Country

Spanish prosecutors are unhappy with the increasing number of citizens’ complaints about strange streaks in the sky left by passing airplanes. Such streaks, known among conspiracy theorists as chemtrails, are believed to be sprayed over populated areas by special aircraft, containing various harmful substances harmful to humans – from viruses and bacteria to toxins causing allergies, dermatitis, or cancer.

Some theories claim that chemtrails can influence people’s intelligence, make them make spontaneous purchases, and even cause unrest and revolutions in the desired country.

The Chief Prosecutor of Valencia, Teresa Gisbert, stated that there have been so many complaints about chemtrails that they do not have enough time to investigate them, as they are legally obligated to do.

“They don’t know how much time it takes,” Gisbert complains.

The number of complaints has sharply increased after local authorities allowed online reporting to reduce bureaucracy.

Gisbert also revealed that complaints about chemtrails have become very common in Spain, so much so that the environmental department of the prosecutor’s office conducted a “comprehensive technical investigation,” which ultimately concluded that “chemtrails” are just “air condensation and the result of temperature changes.”

However, this has not stopped the flow of reports about observed chemtrails. Gisbert laments that “some people are still ready to put forward their own ridiculous theories,” with which her officials have to deal.

She also tries to reassure the complainants:

“No one wants to poison us or release toxic gases on us!”

As an example, Gisbert mentioned a woman from Alzira who regularly sends photos of her clothes to the prosecutor’s office, claiming that substances from chemtrails leave dirty stains on her clothes when she hangs them out to dry on her terrace.

Gisbert also subtly suggests that some of the complainants may be people with mental health problems.

“We must react and provide them with help because they are suffering,” says Gisbert.

The increase in the number of complaints about chemtrails in Spain began as early as 2013. People noticed that the “patterns” left by airplanes looked different than before, and after the passage of these planes, people began to cough or develop rashes on their skin.

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