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Resurrection of Christ and Thermodynamics of Open Systems

Here is a consequence from the formula of the Nobel laureate I.R. Prigogine (N.M. Liventsev. “Course of Physics.” Moscow, “Higher School”, 1974, p.150):

Si + Sl∙D = C (mirror machine of nature).

Here Si > 0 – entropy; D > 0 – thermodynamic parameter of the system (temporal inertia); C – constant; Sl < 0 – negentropy as a function of density change (structure) of the system.

The process of the resurrection of Christ can formally be interpreted as an increase in negentropy ΔSl→ min, Sl < 0 with the condition of significant decrease in inertia D > 0.

The inevitable accompanying increase in entropy Si > 0 can be seen as “the end of the world” (turning points in the evolution of life are always times of catastrophes).

If we move to the derivative dSl/dt and, formally, to a certain integral, I think it’s necessary to take into account the creative power of time! For example, “Time Machines by Dmitry Pavlov” – the result of work by scientists of the Institute of Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics (Nizhny Novgorod Region).

On the largest scale, we measure time by the movement of planets around the Sun – the source of disturbances leading to “all sorts of miracles,” including “divine revelations” (according to the interpretation of scientists from the Vernadsky Crimean Federal University; V.A. Sukharev.

The world is ruled by the law of cosmic resonances. Moscow, Amrita-Rus, 2012). Unfortunately, the primary sources, publications in scientific journals, are now hidden from public access.

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