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Ancient technologies

The Great Sakya Library in Tibet (Video)

The Sakya monastery in Tibet houses around 84,000 handwritten books, of which less than 5% have been translated into English or other popular languages. One can only imagine how much new information about ancient times is stored there. By 2022, the books had only been cataloged.

Most of them are Buddhist texts, but there are also many works of fiction, historical texts, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, arts, and agriculture.

There is one sacred book that, due to its intricately decorated binding and its size, weighs over 500 kg, which is a world record.

The library also holds many manuscripts on palm leaves, which have been well preserved thanks to the arid local climate.

Since 2011, these books have been digitized to increase accessibility for translation, and currently, about 22% of the publications have been digitized.


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